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AJ Belaid

Consultant – Legal | IT & Business Change Specialist
Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

My coaching with Prash was a tremendous success. Working with him helped me to significantly reduce my stress and tension levels and become much more productive, motivated and inspired!

He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and my time with him was always very enjoyable. By the end of each session I had a clear understanding of where my future lies, and he equipped me with the skills to achieve it.

Prash prepared the sessions specifically for my needs, and each session built upon the previous one, so I was continually moving forward. He had also suggested extracurricular reading and mini-projects which really helped me to get 360-degree insight into my behavior patterns and what motivates me.

I would highly recommend Prash to anyone interested in being coached.

Linda Y.

Sales Funnel Developer for SBO + Consultants
Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom


It is an honor to have worked with Prash, who is one of the most genuine and compassionate coaches I know in my life.

His super friendly nature makes it so easy to connect and trust him. Prash was able to give me practical, simple and effective strategies at a time I was struggling with stress, low self-esteem & lack of focus which was affecting my work and mental issues.

I would highly recommend Prash to anyone, because he has the skills to help people feel empowered by bringing out the best in them, to live life with more ease and love for yourself and others.

The spiritual wisdom he shares is excellent and it’s had an impact on my mindset and close relationships.

Karen McMurchy

#1 Best Selling Amazon Author
Glasgow, United Kingdom


I find Prash’s coaching very powerful! As I started working with him, I was suffering from burnout and was going through a very tough time finding motivation and fulfillment in my job. But with his care and able help, I found renewed empowerment and inspiration and cannot wait to meet every new day full of exciting challenges which I’m now totally equipped to deal with and I thrive ding that!

I highly recommend this lovely gentleman for his kind manner, gentle approach, strong structure & faith in his clients. Prash is also open, highly motivational and restores so much goodness through his quality of work and outcomes! His approach is diverse, fresh and modern with deep values and morals, in a society that has lost so much.

I treasure my working with Prash and I will be recommending him to those I know who will benefit from his high-end coaching style.

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