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Hi, my name is Prash and I am a Corporate Wellbeing Coach and the founder of “Stress To Success”.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading financial organizations, as well as a variety of big and small businesses, over the past two decades, traveling the world, working with highly successful people at many levels, from diverse cultures. But it’s not always been this way…

I grew up in London during times of economic hardship, facing bullying, racial and physical abuse. I then found myself having to hold down multiple jobs at college and university to deal with family debts, coping with the untimely death of both my parents, caring for dependents, while facing and overcoming various health scares.

All of this ignited my longstanding journey into personal development, peak performance, esoteric practices, and various metaphysical, subconscious and mindset techniques and processes along the way.

This immersion helped me to make the breakthroughs that led to my career ascent and successes (as well as recovering from the many failures along the way).

It was during these many years in corporations and businesses, that I started witnessing the stress, productivity, health and wellbeing challenges which both myself and my colleagues were facing – despite having access to wellness tools and resources, and coming across as confident and “on top of things” on the surface.

Naturally, I put my background and knowledge to good use, and the more I started to see the powerful impact my coaching and training was having, the greater were the levels of fulfillment for both myself and my clients.

Along this journey, one thing I’ve seen time and again is that today, high achievers are more in tune with their emotional and even spiritual side, they know they need to manage their stress and sometimes the best ideas and thoughts come when the mind is silent.

This is where I come in and what sets me apart. I have the best of both the corporate and personal transformation worlds to offer you – taking you from stress to productivity, and results which will lead to greater fulfillment and amplified impact.

So if you’re ready to put yourself in the driving seat and focus on your number one asset – YOU – then let’s connect!

I am more than happy to offer you 30 minutes of my time and give you valuable insights from my experience of over 20 years helping hundreds of high performers. You can book your free coaching session now by hitting the button below!

“I started working with Prash during a very challenging time of growth and change in my business. I can honestly say that Prash’s coaching transformed my effectiveness and productivity, and really helped me to reclaim my health too, resulting in more accomplished in less hours in the office, and more personal time; and probably most importantly – I feel more fulfilled and happier with my business and my personal life.

Bottom line, I made more money, but more than that, my relationship with my wife is more present and intimate. Looking forward to on-going sessions. Thank you Prash!”

Adam Weinberg, NYC

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